Finding Tax Delinquent or Code Violation Lists in New Jersey

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Does anyone working the New Jersey markets know how to find the tax delinquent lists or the municipal code violation lists.  I have been looking everywhere and most towns I have spoken with say no such list exist or that I have to look up each property one by one to see its tax status.  That would obviously take years and wouldn't be fruitful.  I went to the County Clerk's office and found the probate and foreclosure list easily.  I really want that tax delinquent list though.  Anyone know where to find it?

You may have to request the list using a Freedom of Information act.  Some place require that you pay a small fee for the Tax delinquent list.  You have to  be persistent in your search.

Hi Jason not sure what your interest are but in my area they hold a tax delinquent sale sometimes every 3 months others times a bit longer, I guess it comes down to how much back taxes the township is owed and when they have enough they set up a tax sale, it's advertised in the town hall or you can call and ask to talk to the clerk office and they will let you know if one is upcoming. From my personal experience I tried to bid on a few that i was hoping for potential as they were homes in foreclosure process but some of the experience people there are like hawk! Best of luck to you!

@Jason Timmerman Send an email directly to the town clerk. Title the email "OPRA request - Tax delinquent property list" and explain who you are and what you are looking for. They may ask you to fill out the form or they may just give it to you. Either way they are required to respond to you.

Thanks everyone.  I have tried the OPRA approach a few times.  I was told that no such list exists and that I have to request individual properties.  That certainly isn't going to work.

As for the tax delinquent sale approach, my goal is to try and contact these homeowners before the property goes to auction so that I can be the only bidder and get the property for less money than I would at auction. 

I keep hitting these roadblocks.  I don't understand how no master list can exist, but apparently it doesn't.  I know that OPRA does not require public employees to compile a list that doesn't already exist so I guess that's what happ

I am a realtor and I’m trying to get people in trouble to see if I can help them before they go into auction or foreclosure. I am in New Jersey as well. Bergen county. Englewood NJ

Hello all.   It seems that New Jersey holds onto their public records very tightly.   I have been running into difficulty obtaining the tax lien list here as well.   @John Salgado    I am interested to know about your source.  Have you had any luck!   i am looking for Newark, Trenton,  and Ewing.  

Adrian Orgill

@Adrian Orgill If for some reason you can’t get it from the tax office I used to buy tax sale lists from but that was for another state. Check to see if they compile lists in Jersey. The lists come with a lot of important data too so it’s worth the money.

Hey guys! Was anybody able to make headway on this? I just emailed 5 counties asking if I can get their Tax Delinquent List. I will post a summary on here if folks in the future are looking for an answer. 

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@Kamaal Khatumal any luck with this? 

Hey Mark. I was able to get a list for some of the municipalities. You'll need to put in an OPRA request to get this data from the various municipalities and will need to do each oneseparately. Hope this helps.