Wholesale a Wholesale?

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Hello all! Hoping you guys can help. I am super noob when it comes to REI so please forgive my ignorance to this. Here is the deal: There are 4 actors---the motivated seller, wholesaler A, wholesaler b (me), and my cash buyer.

I was on craigslist and found a single family home that needs a rehab. I called the guy (wholesaler A) who informed that he already had the property under contact and he was looking for a buyer. So he is a wholesaler looking for a buyer to buy the property but doesn't know how to get buyers. I am very new to this and do not have the confidence yet to rehab. I did however do my due diligence and amassed at least 5-7 buyers for when I begin wholesaling. My question to you all is: (A) Can I wholesale the wholesale to my buyer? and if so (B) how would I go about it? would my buyer be paying both me and the other wholsaler? is there more paperwork involved then just the purchase & sign agreement and the assignment of contract? Has anyone been in this situation before? Please inform me as this will of course determine what I do next? 

Thank you. 

I'm new as way but I know you guys can do a joint venture contract together and split it 50/50.

@Stefan Crichlow  If you don't intend on closing yourself, make sure to inform the seller that you intend to profit off of the sale of their home.

Owner sells to Wholesaler A for X, Wholesaler A sells or assigns to Wholesaler B for X+Y, Wholesaler B sells or assigns to Cash buyer for X+Y+Z.   It happens a lot.  If structured correct, all parties are protected and cannot cut anyone out of the deal.  Depending on what state you're in, and what role you play, it could be a little complicated, but its doable.

when you start cutting the pie so many times it starts to become less profitable for the investor which in turn might cost you a buyer! personally what i would do is talk to the "wholesaler" and say listen i got a buyer. how about we split the assignment fee. 50/50 or 60/40 whatever you both can agree with. because without your buyer he might not sell and without him you might not have a property for your buyer. this way everyone wins.. 

Daisy chain Oh daisy chain when will it end ?

@Lloyd Stanton I will inform him! Thank you! @Jeff Filali  Awesome. That is great to know as he said he has at least 5 more properties. Have you been in the situation before? 

@Nikolas Ferreira That's an awesome idea and probably the best case scenario until I can do more complicated deals like this like how @Jeff Filali suggested. Really I would need to know how to structure a contract that protects all parties but I would be going to a lawyer for that of course :D. 

As long as your intending on closing on your deal, its very simple.  No different then if you purchased a property in Jan, closed on Jan 31st, sold to someone else on Feb 1, they closed on Feb 15th and sold to another end buyer on Feb 16th and closed on March 1st.  But you do not have to carry the process out that long, in most states this could all happen in one day, but you would need an investor friendly title company who knows how to do this.  I've heard some states may require a day between the transactions.  But honestly, don't make a BFD out of it and it won't be. 

 If you cannot close on the deal in the first place, then that's a totally different issue and you probably don't need to even think about trying to put together a deal like this.  

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