Hey there everyone, hope you find the time to post your response and I appreciate those who do in the near future. This question has put me on pause about taking this route to wholesale. I'm new to the RE industry and have finally taken action and found leads. I have a question on pre foreclosure homes. My friend, also a cash buyer, said to me if the HO is behind payments, I would need to pay what is left so the HO is current and then I can make an offer to hopefully put it under contract. So for the sake of this example let's say a property is valued at 250k the HO owes 90k but is behind 10k in payments and now is facing foreclosure. I'm to believe I need 10k cash then I can wholesale with no money or maybe small earnest deposit. I have not come across the answer through videos or articles or communities or anywhere about having to catch up the HO to make an offer. I'm not sure if my friend is telling me something people don't know, or why no one has come across this path. Please tell me do I have to catch the HO to current good standing before making an offer? Thank you