wholesaling in Texas

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so I was introduced to a family that would like to sell a duplex here in san Antonio but not on the mls.they want it to be a wholesale deal.i just got licensed so they were referred to me for help.when marketing the property am I saying their asking price and my fee separately or as one price?also,what form am I writing their asking price and my fee on?and if someone comes with an offer that's not asking do I have to write up a new form?

thanks to anyone that can help!

It sounds like they do not want to list it to pay the 6% or whatever your company charges. You will not have an exclusive listing. If he puts it on craigslist and sells it, you get nothing, right??

Personally, I would not even mess with people like that unless you have it under contract and then try to sell it to someone else. 

@Julian Kinzie

this is a perfect example of a property that can be wholesaled. but there are things that you will need to explain to the owners before hand. and you should also be aware of it too specially having your real estate license..

PM me with your number if you want to talk and i can give you a call later today. hopefully i can help you and the seller. 

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@Adam Acord @Rick Pozos well I  had a lawyer tell me to have them sign an exclusive right to sell contract so I did.i initially put the asking price and my fee under the brokers compensation.so if all that is right,when I market it am I marketing it as one price or price and fee?for example say they want 40k and I want 5k.when I shop it around am I telling potential buyers were asking for 45k?or 40k plus 5k fee.and after that's cleared up do I still have to do an assignment?