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For direct mail, does yellow paper with red lines work the best?  If you want to stand out, is it better to just use white or a different color?  Not sure if there is some psychology behind the yellow paper phenomenon.

I don't have experience using yellow paper with red ink.  I'd have to see it.  It would certainly stand out.  You also want it to be an easy read for the seller.  If it's tough on the eyes.  They will throw it away.

Thanks. Can I ask what works best for you? 


I primarily use yellow letters with red ink. It's pretty easy to read and haven't had any complaints. 

I also hand write letters (white paper, blue ink) to follow up with high probability leads which I think makes me stand out and keeps me in the seller's mind. 

I'd say the content is more important that the colors. 

Getting a letter open is the first step. Use an invitation envelope to stand out. I also put a business card inside. Content is important, but some people are six months away from having to make a decision.

@Dave Ramirez -- Dave has a GREAT point here. Everyone sends out a standard #10 envelope. What about sending an A7 "invite" envelope in a different color. Same price to mail out, but people are more inclined to open an invitation envelope as opposed to the other. 

I always drop a business card in the letters. Easier to save than a full letter. 

I am literally JUST starting my first mailing. But I went with...

Neon green #10 envelopes (seahawks green) with blue paper (seahawks colors) 

And the most fun/ interesting stamps I could get. 

That's as far as I've gotten on creativity for this so far 

@Natalie Kolodij -- Oh I love it! Did you buy the Astrobrite Martian Green envelopes? I think those match the Seahawks neon green. 

Wow. It's official. I'm a paper nerd. 

I've used yellow paper with black ink.

Also, white paper with black ink.

In addition, I have used invitation envelopes.  I didn't track results for comparisons sake.  However, my instincts say that an invitation style is more likely to be opened than a traditional long letter envelope...........just sayin

I only market to probate right now, I use a White Letter and then put it in an invitation envelope. I consistently get 3-5% call rate (higher if you count "Take me off your list")

@Natalie Kolodij Very nice. Those are quite the vivid color. They should certainly stand out against the regular envelopes. 

Please let us know how the response goes. 

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