Seller says his property is worth more than the ARV I found

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I have a seller who says his house is worth 87,000 because its on an acre land. I went based off of the price listed for sale in which he says its way below half what it's worth. How do I get a more accurate ARV to go off of?

I'm not following you when you say you went "off of the price listed for sale." Are you getting your ARV based on LIST prices? You need to be sure you're using previously sold comps to get an accurate ARV. List prices mean nothing (in this sense).

Thanks Doug.  What would you say is the best way to find a comp price?  This property is slightly different from the other properties in the area because it's on an acre land.  The other properties in the area are not on a land that big in size.  Zillow listed the zestimate at $70,000 but I heard that its not reliable to go based off of that.