Just finished driving for dollars. Any tips appreciated

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So I just got done driving around two neighborhoods in one of the best school districts in my area and found 9 vacant properties. My intentions are to wholesale most of them and the best two out of the bunch try and secure financing to fix and flip. I've read multiple posts about finding the owners of vacant properties and have came across a bunch of different methods. Does anyone have any advice on the order in which I should start to try and find the owners of these vacant properties from best to worst? Thanks in advance. 

Great job finding properties! A good place to start would be looking at your county website for property information, where the owner would be listed. Then you can send mail to the owner offering to buy. Also, a good idea would be to follow up a few weeks later with another piece of mail.

Check the county website for tax information including owner's mailing address. Also knock on neighbor's door and ask for any information regarding property/owner.

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I can respect you getting out there and finding vacant homes a little tactic i use to find properties is called "google drive for dollars"

I simply take a target zip code/street in my investment area and begin to use google maps to walk up the street using my mouse to zoom in on any property that may look distressed. Google always has pretty up to date images on the maps app/feature.I then take these addresses and put them in an excel spreadsheet and I typically do some research on the county tax assessor site. Once i locate owner names i skip trace the owner find their current address and phone number, I usually like to just give them a ring but often times ill follow the phone call up with a yellow letter or postcard if i cant get them on the phone. Hope this helps! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. 

@Ryan Howard

1) Ask neighbors - why? Cheapest and easy to do while you are D4D

2) Anywho or any free online service but these often have outdated info and low probability of success but still free

3) County tax assessor's office to see if they have the owner's address - takes time and not very accurate

4) Putting "Address Service Requested" and mailing to that address if they have a mailbox - cost of a letter and first class stamp

5) Skiptracing (costs money though) - $5-10 (findtheseller, privateeye, TLO, etc.)

6) Full stalker mode - "Drew out his entire family tree from Intelius" lol @ Lloyd Stanton, it worked for him but I've never done it

7) Stick a sign on their property saying you want to buy the home (people have done this but I haven't due to not knowing the legalities of it)