Contracts for Wholesaling

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Hello everyone!

I am a new wholesaler looking for information on how contracts are supposed to be set up for double close deals. I've got ahold of an Agreement to Sell Real Estate from an Office Depot, but as I read through it there is no clause regarding buying the house in an "as is" condition. I really need to know how to properly set up a contracts (for the seller and the buyer) for a double close without messing up the deal for anyone. 



Hi James,
There are numerous ways to do "wholesale" deals. Each person tends to develop his/her own style. And each property/deal has specific features that you will need to put the deal together.
I help people by writing their contracts when they have a deal that's coming together.
Feel free to PM me & connect.

hi @james 

@James Larson if you are planning to do a double closing you will need to close your A-B first with your own money or maybe use hard money or any kind of loan for the time you hold the property,  but I agree with @Jenifer Levini ,  you need an attorney to write the contract, do not worry, paying a good attorney to take care of you from the beginning is cheaper that paying  him/her to do something after closing