Best lists for marketing

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Well @Derek Antonissen , historically, it has been the absentee owner's list. Buuut.... every up and coming real estate "guru" says to mail to this list. Consequently, in many markets that list is saturated. I'm not saying ignore the advice, just know that you might find slim pickings in some markets.

Look for "for rent" listings and reach out to the owners. "For rent" means "under performing asset." Also, reach out to estate sales. If you *really* want to buy a list, frankly, I'd buy the 100% equity list. You'll not only pick up old people ready to sell their house and move to Florida but you'll also get calls from people who buy real estate all cash (and therefore have 100% equity) that you can add to your buyers list.

I am pretty new in this. Looking to do some direct marketing. Where can I find preforeclosure leads specially 30/60/90 days deliquent in Dallas fortworth area

@Archana Rath has the foreclosure notices for dallas.  The deed register is behind a paywall, but it might be worth it if you want to do a lot of digging.