Absentee Landlord, Tired Landlord Script

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Does anyone have decent Script examples for tired landlords or absentee landlords?

Or any advice on cold calling evictions, distressed multi-family and small 1-4 unit Landlords directly.

 I appreciate that.  I usually just end up bonding over 'issues with tenants or property management' as I'm a landlord too.  I'm actually hiring out VAs and always refining what I do.

I'm a life time learner so I'm just looking for "best practices" or find out what others are doing when reaching out to landlords out of the blue.  Basically I'm trying to buy small 1-4 residential, medium to large multi-family , 16-60 unit properties in Southern California...  so when I get a good lead I like to make it count.  I've actually never used 'scripts'  but I don't discount them as being good 'game plans' or the idea of them as a guideline

BBall players like Kobe Bryant or stephen curry relentlessley practiced fundamentals of basketball, shooting, drills, stretching... basically I'm trying to see best practices and see if I could hone or retweak my own.