Skiptrace websites? Who uses what? and more importantly why?

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HP BPers, at this point ive researched and evaluated most of these different websites. Ive read other posts and blogs about skip tracing. In your opinion and experience, which program is the best solution for achieving results locating sellers?  TLO, Inquisio,, Intelius, whitepages, etc? My criteria you ask: cost (Monthly or per lead) and accuracy of phone numbers mainly. Any other criteria i should be aware of? 

It seems TLO is more strict in who they give access to? Any one have any experience getting set up wit TLO? 

Look forward to hearing some perspectives from you more experienced wholesalers out there in the community. Thank you 

I have found Been Verified and Intelius to be pretty much garbage. A very low percentage of the phone numbers are accurate. LexisNexis is very good but expensive and like TLO there are a lot of hoops to jump through to get access.  I have heard TLO is very good as well. I just found out about Inquisio and found this thread because I was looking for feedback on how good their data is. You have heard good things about Inquisio @Mike G. ?

I believe you meant to type Inquiso

If you type Inquisio it is a company in Poland

Anyone have feedback on Inquiso
They list a laundry list of different search types I wonder if the cost is per Search type or per name probably search type but that’s ok as long as intel is good.

They seem to offer more than your typical skip search but the million dollar or twenty thousand dollar question is how accurate and current is the data.