Have leads, but no experience.

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Hi fellow BP members,

I am relatively new to BP and the real estate investment industry. I just started out as a home inspector in the Jersey City area of NJ.
Through going out every day, i meet all sorts of various home owners, sick, absentee owners, inherited the property, bad tenant, disabilities, unable to pay taxes, etc. I have a list of these motivated sellers that I want to contact.
But I’m new without any wholesale experience and don’t want to get tied up in a bad deal, or unable to answer phone calls and miss out on the other opportunities. Are there any BP members in this area that would be interested to partner on some deals?
I’m very familiar with the area in terms of rent rates and conditions of homes and their prices. It would be great to partner with someone who can walk me through the process, and in turn I can provide the leads. If anyone is interest pls connect with me.

You are in a perfect position to possibly find deals. Get cash lined up and as Cramer says: BUY BUY BUY. Just remember you make your money when you buy. 

I'm sure you can partner up with an experienced investor at your local REIA

@Herman Chen I’m familiar with one of the big wholesalers in the area, Please PM me I’ll try to set you guys up.



There are many meetups in your area. And if you are wholesaling deals I can connect you with buyers for sure.

Hey PM me im an experienced investor i may be able to help.

You are thinking the right stuff.  I bet if you ran an add on craigslist in your area you would get some interest.

I would also recommend that you don't just give these leads out.  Get together with the investor as they make the calls.  In the end you will want to learn how to do this and do it yourself.

Peter Vekselman

If you need more help just PM me directly.

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