Who here has attended the Black Belt Investors Wholesaling camp?

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Hello everyone, 

I have seen Sensei Gilliland of Black Belt Investors speak several times, and spoken to him personally.  I like his style and what he has to offer.  Also, I am in a startup phase, where I have very few prospects, and I am trying to get the ball rolling.

My question: has anyone here attended the $997 training course described in the link below?  If so, was it worth it?  Does it actually help you find prospects, or is it just information you need to apply yourself?


Never have .. but 997.00 what the heck would think you would get some pearls out of it..

however in my mind wholesaling is a very advanced strategy and wrongly couched as a beginner activity.. granted its a beginner because anyone can do it.. but to be successful takes time money and skill .. lots of skill.. and in many markets pretty sizable marketing budget..

but beats the heck out of paying 20 or 30k for this type of thing

Are you suggesting that it takes "lots of time, money, and skill" to make a career out of it?  Or that it takes all of that to get even one deal wholesaling ?  Because if it's the latter, programs like this are quite misleading.

Pearls aren't necessarily worth it for me; with my budget, $997 is quite a bit.  On the flip side, I live such a spartan lifestyle that only one or two deals (the average is $12K here) would free up several months for me, allowing me to study everything in-depth.  Then it would clearly be worth it.

So Will let me ask you this.

how do you think paying 997 dollars is going to magically produce a few deals that make 12 k each for you ?

have you ever been in sales.. have you ever sold cars... do you know how to qualify present and close do you know how to ask for the order.

do you understand the escrow function.. do you realize selling real estate in CA without a license is not legal..

how are you going to get these leads..

if 997 is stretching your budget then your only course of action is bird dog.. talk  pound on doors.. but even that takes time and car and gas money especially in LA..

being with limited funds and doing anything real estate related in California is a pretty tall order with a failure rate I suspect at greater than 99%.

I think if you want in the industry you should apply and get a job as an assistant to a top producer get PAID to learn .. save your money.. then think about next step.

one thing I have seen in my years is starting real estate agents who get on teams work for 3 to 5 years build their confidence and bank account then go out on their own.. many to start their own business in 7 to 10 years.

Also if your VERY detailed oriented one other way to be self employed is to start at a mortgage company and learn how to process loans.. I was just at my CE class and all the independent MLO's out source processing.. paying 300 to 500 a file for someone to just collect all the paper work and check the box's you become good at that and that is easy 5 to 7k a month as your own boss.

My wife who is a top producing real estate agent pays her independent processor 400 bucks for each file .. She makes sure all the dots are hit etc etc.. well worth it not worth her time to do her own paper work.. this lady has about 10 agents she does this for and makes a very nice living without leaving her home all desk work and highly sought after.

so there are some ideas.. although probably not popular and you will probably just say forget that .. but its some ideas for someone who has limited capital and thinks wholesaling will set you free..

@Will Fulton , @Jay Hinrichs is right on the money. Wholesaling is an advanced strategy but it attracts many beginners because it's cheap to start.

But the truth is, if $997 is a bit much for you, you won't have the budget to be successful. Mailers take a lot of money, time, and repetition. You might have the budget to do the first round but if you don't get any traction, you might quit before giving it a solid chance.

Beware of any guru offering an enticing price for a short workshop. Many times it's to lure you into additional, paid (expensive) mentoring.

@Saj Shah   I have no clue if this is an elevator pitch they usually are.. but Sensei has been around for years I might have talked with him once.. I think he has morphed into education like many do.

but I do know he is experienced..

I think internet and many on BP just foster this thought process that you too can be rich with none of your own money this has been going on for 40 years..

can it happen I guess.. people do win the lottery.. I kind of think making real income then figuring out what you actually want to do is a more sustainable course of action..

I look at all those I interact with in this business and their is one theme .. most if not all are charismatic , pretty good sales men and women and or pretty educated and smart..   and those that do well with paid for education from my experience are those that were ALREADY successful in another line of work.. or sold their company etc etc.. met many of these folks at the bigger guru events over the years and loaned them money.. I am not anti paid training.. but those with limited to no funds I can't think of one of those I have seen make it without going into real estate in a paid job first.

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