Driving for Dollars - 1st attempt, small sample

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Hi BP Nation,

I'm looking at wholesaling as a way to fund future buy and hold investments. I was driving for dollars this past weekend, just looking at SFH's near my house. I looked up the addresses on pellegro.com because they have a link to the County parcel number so I can look up tax info, etc.

I focused on a "last sold date" of 10+ years ago, with the assumption that this could equate to higher equity.  My list isn't big but I wanted practice looking up properties on the King Co. website, etc. I have a spreadsheet with the following columns:

Address , Year Built, Size, Bed/Bath, Last Sale, Parcel No (as a hyperlink)., Assessed Value, Annual Taxes, Tax Address different than property addres? Rehab Estimate, Rent Estimate, ARV.

The rehab, rent and ARV figures have not been verified but I was using Pellego.com which filled this in for me (I need to read J. Scott's book on estimating rehab costs).  

Since it's such a small list I was thinking of doing some short, handwritten letters. What do you think?  Are there other columns I should add in the spreadsheet?  Thanks in advance for the input.


@Taj Hayden Hand written letters will work, or you could even create a font online and print the letters off. Keep the letters simple and to the point. As for the columns in the spread sheet, I would worry more about getting letters out then data entry that you may or may not need.

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