How do i properly wholesale deals?

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Hi my names Albert and I'm 20, i recently started working with a real estate firm in houston on the investing branch of the company and I've learned a lot recently. I've learned how to find deals but I've gotten stuck on the part of how to attack the wholesale and especially on how to find investors to sell the contract to. The firm i worked for offered to lend me the money for a REI flip but i wanted to start with something easier like wholesaling. i guess just one of the hardest parts for me is simply finding someone to buy the wholesale deal, so how can i best do that? Thank you!

@Albert Hernandez there is a whole section in the education tab, with various articles. Also listen to all the podcasts that featured interviews with wholesalers.

Hi @Albert Hernandez , you will find that selling a real "deal" will be very easy, there will be folks with cash ready to buy from you everywhere you look.  A "deal" is a property priced at a point where an investor can make a reasonable amount of money on the transaction.  The much more difficult part of being a wholesaler will actually be finding the "deal" in the first place and putting it under contract with enough head room for you to also make some money.  

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