How to position your buyers to make a decision when wholesaling

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When you are wholesaling properties ask yourself one question

Would you buy it yourself and be happy with the profit after taking the risk?

If the answer is no then don't wholesale the property

The best way to help buyers to make a decision is to give as much information up front

1. Strong ARV with comps to prove it

2. List of repairs and access to your contractor

3. Pictures, Videos and any information on title

4. Having it in contract and having enough time to market it

Putting all information on a website from pictures, information on repairs, videos, profit potential, ARV, repairs your asking price, ETC

We wholesale properties in Savannah, GA and Rehab as well so sometimes we need to move properties for sellers and its not the profit margin we are looking for we still treat it like we are going to rehab it and rent it out. The intention is to continue to profit from our marketing efforts and cherry pick our rehabs! 

Keep a Lockbox on Vacant homes so you can go crabbing while you have investors running in and out of the home.

Be up front with your buyers and help them make better decisions by providing them with better packets and information rather than just a street address and some pictures.

Here is a Example Click here 

Example of good Info

@Corey Griffin

Thank you for making this clear. Would the bigger pockets wholesale calculator work? I can print out as a packet to present according to the webinars ive attended. 

What information on title do you speak of?

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