Making My First FSBO Offer - Please Help!

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Hey Bigger Pockets community! I'm so grateful for everyone here! I have learned so much along the way and am ready to make an offer on a FSBO property.

I have previously used an agent with the purchase of my home, but the FSBO is uncharted territory to me. I know the general price, terms, and contingencies that I want, but don't know exactly how to go about submitting this formally. Is it just time to call a lawyer?

@Rush Ricketson

You can still use your agent. Most likely the seller will not cover agent's fee so you will need to put that on the top on your purchasing price. You can use an attorney or if you feel confident and know what you are doing you can make an offer yourself. If you do not have an agreement of sale you can call title company that you are going to use and tell them that you are making an offer and need agreement and all papers required by your state for the transaction. Hope this helps 

If you have a Realtor you know and can work with there is also such a thing a forming a partnership and your Realtor partner can then do Realtor work while actually being a partner.  They of course have to disclose this to all concerned but they get paid out of profits and the amount depends on your partnership agreement.  Just my thoughts, this works for many investors. 

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