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Hi everyone, I'm doing some bird dog work, and I want to show some of my investors lists of homes through google sheets. Does anybody know of a template on how to list the homes info onto a spreadsheet easily? Also when I want to send a lead to an investor what should I include in the lead on the spreadsheet?

Please help me, thanks in advance for the help!

@Michael Kantar

Great to see you are getting out there! I just put in the top cells of excel the labels ¨Property Address city zip, owner address city zip, Notes on property condition, month/year added, contact info,  Owner Name

Each comma represents a new cell. Then each row has property info. This is all I have so far and it works fine but there is probably a better way to do it once I get bigger.

 My suggestion is to find the one investor you trust the most to actually pay you and help you get more experience. Since you dont have a contract you are going off of trust and I would suggest not giving the entire spreadsheet to any investors you find because it only takes one bad apple to burn all your leads and rip you off if one of them comes through. Try and establish a friendship with this ¨most trustworthy seeming¨ investor and maybe help them out with a flip so you can learn the business and hit the ground running when you turn 18. 

Ok thanks @Cody Evans I will check it out. But I was wondering if there are any templates that I can use that are already made to save me some time.

This is what it's all about, Folks!  

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@Michael Kantar

I am unsure of what you mean by a template. I simply enter the text into a cell and write below it. I don't use any functions if that is what you are planning to do.

@Cody Evans when I was talking about I Template I mean there's a completed version already so I don't have to clear each and every cell, merge them, and make the formatting all one by one. This takes a pretty long time to merge all of the cells and it would be easier to download a template that somebody made so I can just put in my information and not create everything myself. Also, is there a way that you could just merge all of the cells at in a specifics format at once, because it's very tedious to do it all one by one.

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