Off market lead spreadsheet template

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Hi everyone, I'm doing some bird dog work, and I want to show some of my investors lists of homes through google sheets. Does anybody know of a template on how to list the homes info onto a spreadsheet easily?

Please help me, thanks in advance for the help!

Hey Michael,

Ask your investors what they want and give it to them. They are the ones paying so they should tell you what they want.

Before you start shopping a list to investors you really should have an agreement with them as to what they are going to pay, for what and when you actually get paid so there are no miss-understandings.

@Michael Kantar glad you have to arrangement straight with your investors. 

With the spreadsheet,I was thinking more along the lines of what your investors want from you specifically. I would assume for them to pay you they have what they need to go after the deal. If not, try looking around the resources on bp. 

Sorry I don’t have anything.

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