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What is your best source to generate leads to find sellers? Sellers of any kind that own SFH'S. tax delinquents, absentee owners, pre forclosure etc.

Facebook Ads, direct mail, door knocking. 

Facebook ads! I’ve closed just over 92k from Facebook ad leads alone.

Originally posted by @Lucifer Vîrroc :

Facebook ads! I’ve closed just over 92k from Facebook ad leads alone.

Lucifer, Id be interested to know how you set up your facebook ad and to whom you are targeting S your audience. 

Hi @Justin Blankenship  !  Direct mail is the way to go.  We send unsolicited, real cash offers to homeowners. We pull homeowner data from the County Assessor (I've used both RealQuest and Data Tree) for the type of properties in the areas we want and send ALL owners an offer -- not just tax delinquencies or absentee.

We scrub out the properties with a mortgage and spend a considerable time on pricing. We explain in our offer letter to sellers that we are serious, not agents/brokers, we pay cash, and are prepared to close in as soon as x days. We enclose a Purchase Agreement as well. Then we sit back and wait for the serious, motivated sellers to call us.  It works!

Hey @Justin Blankenship ! Using PPC like AdWords and Bing Ads are great ways to get your business in front of motivated sellers. With a good strategy you can filter out people who are searching online to "sell their house fast" or to "get a cash offer" on their home. They keywords that you choose to target help to get your ads in front of the people who have the exact motivation that you're looking for, providing they hop online and perform a search. As mentioned by a few others in here, Facebook is another great option!

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