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Good evening BP,

I have recently networked with a investor friendly agent here in Wichita who has been sending me listings of properties that are below market value. She recently sent me 2 properties that seems to be decent prospects. She gave me comps on both properties and their seems to be money to be made.

I have read and read about wholesaling and also went out and tried to make a few deals. The thing is, none of the stuff I currently know deals with a realtor. I think wholesaling can be done with a relator, if not can some please inform me. If wholesaling can be done with a realtor could you all please guide me in the right direction in what forms and agreements need to be written out. Thank you all!

Super easy! Make an offer on it, buy it, clean it out/clean it up and sell it to a rehabber for a profit. 

If you're referring to assigning contracts, it's going to be tough to find an agent that will allow you to put a property under contract without the intent (or ability) to close on it.

Have you explained to her what your intentions are? Probably best to just have that conversation with her (and her broker). Good luck man!

Thanks for the advice @Lloyd Stanton I actually did explain to her (crash course) on what wholesalers do. She didn’t seem too taken back by it. I agree there would need to be a sit down with her and her broker though.

I also thought about purchasing it myself. It’s listed at 12k and could be flipped for 40k. I have a contractor friend who is willing to go in on it as well and we fix it up.

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