Getting one's start in Wholesaling.....Courses and Books?

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There are lots of different courses out there that purport to teach you how to wholesale.  Now, I don't want to be a wholesaler.  I want to build my own portfolio by means of buying, rehabbing, refinancing, etc.  I've bought a couple deals from wholesalers, and it works out, but when I see the assignment fee that I'm paying, it just makes sense that I should go out and find my own deals--I'll have way more equity and my portfolio will be way healthier in terms of profitability and equity.

There's a lot that goes into finding one's own deals--marketing for the leads, following up with the leads, getting them under contract.  It is no easy thing.  I'd love to get a guide that shows me how to set this up and get started.  I also don't really want to pay $3K (I saw one such course) for educational materials that may simply be available for free or may not even be that valuable.  I'm also not terribly interested in learning about marketing my deals to other investors, because if its good enough to sell to someone else, then its certainly good enough to keep in my portfolio.  So, yeah--I want to set up my marketing operation like the wholesalers do but not actually assign my contracts.

So, what's a guy in my position to do?  I need a website, CRM with autoresponder, call center, contracts, scripts, direct mail service provider, list vendor....and there are services out there that offer this, but they are not cheap and I want to verify quality.  Could anyone suggest how I can evaluate this, and the way to start out?  I'd prefer to minimize the amount of tuition I pay in the school of hard knocks!

The Bigger pockets book, finding and funding great deals 2017,  is a great resource. It seems that most people suggest to find your niche then stick with it. 

If you manage to ramp up a marketing system that supplies enough deals for you, chances are it would be more than you would be able to flip or fund yourself just starting out. You would be able to pick the best to keep for yourself and wholesale your excess to other investors. 

Good luck 

Thanks, Bob.  I think you may be right, that if I'm doing a lot of marketing, I may well come across too many deals--or at least, deals that I'm not eager to do myself but which may still have monetary value to others.  No reason to throw them away, right?

I have purchased the audio version of that book and will be listening to it on a long drive tomorrow.  And then a long flight the next day.  Thank you for the recommendation!

@Anson Young did a really good job with the book. I also did the audio version and listened while driving for dollars. He also did a couple of podcasts here on BP that are worth checking out.

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