Holiday themed Direct Mail?

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Hello BP! I am looking to send out a few thousand pieces of direct mail this week before the holiday season. I am wanting my letter to stand out from other letters the seller may have already received, so I was thinking about making my letter holiday themed. Anyone have thoughts on this idea? 

I want my letter to be unique, but I also do not want to offend anyone by sending out a letter that says "need more cash for Christmas"? I think the risk/reward is worth it, but I wanted to see if anyone has had any experience or opinions on this strategy. Let me know below! 

@Alex Owens

Some investors take a break around this holiday  season because response rates are lower and there is a large amount of holiday mail so your direct mail can get lost.

That being said, it only takes one letter to not get lost to close a deal that pays for many full campaigns of mailings.

For us, it's been shown to boost response rates by switching up the type of mailers so a holiday mailer would be along those lines of switching up the type. 

Just make sure your letters aren't landing around the holidays because they do tend to get lost in the junk. A week before or after Christmas is better.