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hey BP, I'm gonna start using Facebook ads for finding motivated sellers. Has anyone had any success with finding motivated sellers through Facebook ads if so what were the types of strategies you tried out or what kind of audience/ (demographics) did you put into it? Trying to pick some for examples like "likely to move" or "divorced" but trying  to figure out what other ones I can type in. Any suggestions or tips to target motivated sellers through Facebook ads would be really helpful! Thank you! 

i personally haven't done this yet, but the following is in my marketing plan for 2018.

1. create a webpage with useful information
2. create FB ad to push to the page.
3. use FB pixel to create re-targeting campaign.
4. run to the bank with all the profits.

@Greg Hamer Your marketing plan looks great except for one thing. I wouldn't suggest a webpage I would go with a landing page. I run Facebook Ad's and landing pages are meant to generate leads and a webpage is meant to explore. Good resources is Instapages or ClickFunnels 

Hope that helps! 

@Account Closed

I have heard that going straight to a landing page is asking for the close too quickly. What is your opinion on this?

@Cody Evans It all depends on your Ad objective. If you want to get a client to become aware of your business with a Reach Campaign that is directed to a website then in that instance, it makes sense. From @Greg Hamer funnel though, it sounded like he was trying to convert the lead with a hard sell.  

Ok I see, so you were trying to answer his specific question.

Which do you recommend? The method I suggested or going straight for the hard sell? Are there a pros and cons to this sort of thing?

not going for the hard sell.  do a continuous awareness campaign.  Use FB pixel to see if they have visited before.  if so, start sending them specific ads.

@Paul Fagot

This is what I have found to work for clients and for myself. 

Start with a broad audience inside an engagement campaign that has never been exposed to you or your brand. Anyone who you can target based on interests or demographic info that could be labeled as “distressed” or wanting to sell. Show this audience an ad that contains a video and some short ad text describing what you do. The video cannot be longer than 15 seconds so you can utilize all the placements Facebook, their adnetworks and Instagram have to offer. The goal of this ad is to hit as many people as possible. 

Let that run for a week or longer. You can split test this with other ad sets that have variations in targeting and messaging and media. 

Next, if you decided to split test in anyway you want to save the audiences, media and messaging that worked best. When I say worked best I mean the media that made people watch to 95% of the video. 

Create a new campaign with the “traffic” objective. 

Take that audience of people who watched a large majority of your initial video and target them with a more direct ask and a link to your landing page. Again use a video. This one can be longer but No more than 1 minute. 

Be sure to have the pixel on your landing page. If you have a form for them to fill out make sure when they submit the form it sends them to a new page, the “thank you” page. Ensure the pixel is properly placed on this page as well. 

Let this ad run until the frequency metric in ads manager for this campaign reaches 1.4-1.7. 

Next set up your final campaign. This one needs to be a “conversion” objective. You’ll need to create a custom conversion that tells Facebook a new lead has been brought in once they hit the thank you page. 

The audience should be the people who clicked through to your site on the second ad but did not end up filling out the contact form.

For this campaign use a new video, no longer than 1 minute. Make sure you are directing asking the audience to click through to your site. Let it run until the frequency hits 1.5 ish. 

Because this 3rd campaign is a conversion campaign Facebook will optimize the campaign automatically so more people fill out your contact form. 

With this funnel you are enticing the most interested sellers in your market to take action and contact you. 

You can always put more money into split testing at the top of the funnel with different initial audiences that will set the foundation for this whole process. The more splits the more accurate a representation you will have of the perfect / best converting audience. 

Additionally, if you have lists you have purchases or past sellers info those are GOLD. They can be utilized inside facebooks ad platform to directly target those individuals you were going to mail. Or in the case of people who sold to you in the past they can be used to make lookalike audiences so Facebook can automatically go out and find other people just like those people who sold to you before. 

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. 

If you take the time and money to do this and work it... it will work. 

Hey @Paul Fagot ! Lots of great info in this thread. Running outreach ads for motivated sellers is definitely a process. For outreach, I examine and refine the audience that I'm targeting month over month. I also make it a best practice to refresh my ad images/videos every time I do as well. 

For both retargeting and outreach ads, try using the same media and text phrasing used in your ads on the landing page that you are sending customers to. It helps to create a higher relevance score between your ads and the page. I manage FB ads for a few investors and a more personal based ad text, along with a solid landing page that relfects the ad, has generated quite a few leads. Feel free to reach out if you have strategy questions. Good luck!

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