How can newbie get start wholesaling Jacksonville, Fl.

3 Replies

  1. Drive for dollars
  2. Send out letters
  3. Create buyers list
  4. Get involved in your local REIA!

Jax REIA has a monthly wholesale meetup group (free) that meets the last Monday of every month (except for holidays/December’s is cancelled). Cameron Gaskill is the host (good guy to know). It is at Sonny’s on University Blvd west. If you sign up for email alerts from Jax Reia you can see the monthly events that they host.

Most of all don't give up and tune out tv and the naysayers. Implement!!!!! Implement!!!!!! Implement!!!!! Listen to as man podcasts as possible that pertains to what you want to do. Don't get caught in the weeds and distracted by shinny objects. I wasted almost two years trying to flip and wholesale. When I should have focused on wholesaling. I have finally started closing deals consistently. 

DON'T GIVE UP. Discover your why.