Out of State Absentee Owner closing process.

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Hi everyone I've been wholesaling houses in Savannah, GA with little success. I've only done three deals but I figured it was because of my lack of effort. I was doing too little and expecting too much. But now I'm putting 50 signs a week/200 signs a month .. and I'm sending 20 letters a day to absentee owners because I have a list of 1,269 vacant houses in Savannah that has been abandoned for more than a year. I paid $500  to get all that information from Freedomsoft.

My question is: How is the process when the owner of the house is living out of state not willing to fly across the country to close the deal? Does the paperwork change? is everything through email? More fees? do I need something specific from my attorney? I'm kind of lost.  Thanks in advance.

I’ve bought houses out of state before. Typically it’s done through a “mobile notary” or they mail you paperwork, you sign it and send it back.

I just went through this for a property I bought out of state and it’s pretty simple.

Make sure the agent knows the new owner is out of state and they will be able to do most of it electronically, they will also send a notary to to wherever the new owner chooses.,,, in my case I just had them come to my office on my lunch break and it took about 35 minutes to sign the docs, fingerprint etc. 

Hey @Luis Bruno . Your closing attorney just needs to be informed that the buyer is out-of-state and won't be attending the closing: This is referred to as a "mail-away." Shouldn't cost any more, but it will require that the closing docs be prepared far enough in advance for them to be received and executed by your buyer and then returned to the attorney by the closing date. If you're doing a cash transaction, I can't recall any buyer-side docs that should even require a notary.

Regarding your wholesaling experiences in Savannah, we should probably talk...

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