Local wholesalers don't want to create competition

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Hey, my name is Tal Zilker and I'm a licensed real estate agent from Aventura, Florida. recently I started to read and learn about real estate wholesaling and I'm very interested in starting my own business but not before ill start to get REAL knowledge by working for a real estate wholesaling company.

I tried to talk to a  few wholesalers in my area, but they didn't want to hire me when they heard that I'm an agent and that ill might open my own business in the future.

So if there is any wholesaler, from any state, that will be able to help me and hire me for a period of 6-12 months, ill be more than happy to start immediately.

Thank you guys in advance 


You’re going to want to add value. No one would want to just give someone time and energy and then have them just go be a competitor with info they gave out for free.

You will need to sign a non-compete type contract with most situations like this.

@Tal Zilker I've never been in the wholesale business but not too many people want to hire someone for 6 months to teach them a business.  It will take you at least 30 days to get the lay of the land, optimistically at least 90 days to learn their system and see how some deals progress, which leaves maybe 3 months for you to add *some* kind of value before you leave.  And by the time month 5 hits you probably have 1 foot out the door to start your own thing.  It's just (in my opinion) not a solid value proposition for someone to hire you.

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