How to get wholesale leads

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Any words of wisdom for how to find wholesale leads? I'm starting to wholesale but I don't know many people in my city. I've joined more groups to network and get to know more people who I may be able to get leads from. I've heard that personal referrals are one of the best ways to get wholesale deals. All advice is appreciated! Thanks.

Driving for dollars and direct mail marketing to a very select and defined criteria of homeowner.

Or so I’ve heard.

Purchase leads for the market you want to target and start a direct mail marketing campaign.

@Monique Williamson

There are many ways but the lowest hanging fruit is driving for dollars. It works really well with DM. Networking is great but can only take you so far if you want sufficient deal flow. Here's the bible for ya:

If you want help with DM, feel free to send me a message and I can send you a game plan and checklist of items to prep to increase your odds of success for finding deals.

Good luck!

Driving for $$$ is always a great way to start! Super cheap and allows you to get to know your market!

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