What is your biggest challenge holding you back?

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I am  seeing tons of new investors from all over the place coming into the market place all in search for the lifestyle of their dreams and mainly FREEDOM and see many investors that get stuck in the grind only to be overwhelmed with information and not taking action. 

I am curious,  what is your biggest challenge you would like to get solved when it comes to wholesaling houses and consistently flipping deals on a monthly basis ?

If this one thing were to be resolved, then everything else would seem easier for you or not a challenge anymore.

For me it would be hiring an integrator to basically run my entire real estate wholesaling business and have him/her integrate new ideas and projects efficiently. 

Your turn....Go!

@Luigi Ontiveros

When I started out years ago, I of course had my fair share of trouble finding quality deals. What I quickly learned was that the guys that were most successful in that line of business spent A LOT of money on marketing. They had a lot of irons in the fire, they were constantly working the streets, fielding a lot of calls, etc.

That wore me out. I eventually found it MUCH easier to employ bird dogs to find the deals for me. And then later on, financing their deals and being the bank was even better.

Initially it was finding more properties.  We were finding and funding about 4 deals a year without trouble.  We ramped up the marketing and made some changes.  Since September we have closed on 2 new projects, have 2 that we are supposed to close on Friday 12/29 and another on 1/15.  Now our challenge.  Funding.  We are just over 48 hours from closing on the two on Friday, we've got our first position money locked in and ready to go, now our gap funders are crickets.  It seems if we have one we don't have the other.  SUPER high anxiety trying to get these three wrapped up.  

Finishing the degree program I am currently working on. I have a year left and that, coupled with a full time job, takes up most of the free time I would have otherwise.