Best use of my time while Wholesaling?

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I've found work wholesaling with a company. I'm entirely new at this; I've done one deal after a couple months, but I feel I'm not doing enough. I want to learn thoroughly. We have lists complete with phone numbers, and basically I cold call most of the day and hope to hear something other than "Go **** yourself." I'm trying to learn as I go, but is the best way to find leads really cold calling a list and low-balling people in hot neighborhoods?

What more can I be doing to find leads? I'm new and don't have a lot of money to pour into direct-mail etc. How can I best use the internet / real world to find leads. I have MLS access but as far as I can tell, most people advise against working with Realtors.

We Buy Houses signs are cost effective but should be checked with your city if they are allowed.

Go driving for dollars and look for boarded up houses and contact the owners the same way you normally do.

Also, it might help to get in the lower end neighborhoods and find tired landlords who just want out. Deal size may be smaller and finding an end buyer may require some work.

Good Luck

With bandit signs depending on the area you are probably going to need at least 400 signs. Cheapest ways are driving for dollars and teaming up with bird dogs to cover more area. It takes about 25 houses to produce a lead. Then again it's probably better than cold calling yikes! That's about as much fun as banging on doors.

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