Working on my first real lead!

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So I have been attempting my hand at wholesaling. (It’s not easy) haha but anyway! I finally got what seems to be my first real lead. Now lead has not actually gone anywhere yet. But I found a seller who is distressed and frankly tired of the property. I want to make him an offer. I’ve spoken to the seller on 2 occasions and just went by the property to see it in person. My question is. Should I take a contractor with me to give me an accurate repair cost before I ever even make him an offer? I know that question sounds stupid. The seller has done much of the work to the house but it needs finishing. So really I just want to know, how would I go about finding out the repair values if I didn’t take a contractor to give me an estimate?

Yes. absolutely take a contractor with you!

Do you have a contractor willing to go to the property you don't own (if you are wholesaling, you will not ever own it I assume) and provide you with an estimate/budget, for work he will never perform? If so, take him with you. My assumption is, unless you have him already, contractors are not usually willing to jump from their jobs to go quote projects they won't be getting. I would offer to pay him, but you still may find issues with someone agreeing to it.

Don't be discouraged if your offer gets rejected. Chances are if it is accepted right away then it was too high.

@Brian Pulaski yes I do! He's a local REI contractor, already spoke to him and got the go ahead. He also has connections with many other cash buyers!

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