Arrest Records Direct Mail Marketing

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We are working to put together a direct mail campaign geared towards people with arrest records. Has anyone done this? Any advice?

Arrested and own homes? or just arrested? The later is a waste of paper because given the age in the police log for arrests many wont have assets. Having spent time in court watching arraignments I would guess many dont own a home... but I you could screen on offenses.

We were looking for those who have been arrested that own a home. Judging from my conversations with several different people (Court house, Sherrif's Dept, City Police Dept, etc), it's nearly impossible to get a list of names. When looking for just those with offenses, what would be the best way to access these?

They used to publish names in the paper here. i havent looked lately but last year it was true. I have found people I know in the paper under police log. That is just the arrest not the conviction. Not everywhere do they do that but there is a daily police log online depending on the town. that is alot to wade through though because it lists all calls and then arrests are buried in there. Maybe only the big name arrests like would be candidates to contact. Federal cases though they might have an article in the local paper stating 6 in drug bust joe from coventry ...but no list you can get.

That is extremely helpful. Thank you, Colleen! 

Tyler.  Did you ever get this working.  I just stumbled on this idea and have been trying to do some research into it. 

Would love to hear how this worked out for you guys!

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