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Looking for mentoring in wholesaling!!!!

Hey @Xavier Knight  First I have friends who swear by mentors and that one person who you can learn from.  But for me I never felt that way. I like learning from a lot of different people without the expectation that one person is going to take me under their wing. But no matter what your perspective is there are many ways to get that support and guidance you seek. Here are a couple of ways:

1. You don't need to meet someone to be mentored by them. When I was getting started and still to this day I am mentored by people I have never meet. Through books, memberships, and podcasts I gotten peoples' best thoughts and ideas. The best part is that they are there for you to review and revisit as much as you want.

2. Don't look for one look for many. Don't put so much pressure on one relationship. If you're only getting advice from person you're missing out on different points of view.

3. Be specific not vague. Ask very specific questions here on bigger pockets or else where and you will shorten your learning curve.

4. Earn respect and trust through action. If there is someone out there that you really want to learn from you have to be a devoted fan. So buy their books, join their programs, engage in their community.

5. Work your butt off. Hustle, problem solve, be resourceful, and be consistent. 

Hope this helps.  Take care.  

I appreciate it. I listen to a bunch of podcast and read books been doing my own diligence on research. Step 1 was always find a mentor, me myself like to pick the brains of others.

I will take your lession and guidance with me during my journey and any questions I will be specific and not afraid to ask.

Thank You

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