Door Knocking and contacting the right owners

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Hey fellow Investors!  I recently started a door knocking campaign in my city and have targeted tax delinquent properties.  I studied GIS in college and leveraged that to make maps of those tax delinquent properties.  I've tried to target areas where there are multiple tax delinquent homes in the same area.  As I make my way from one tax delinquent property to the next I'll knock on the doors in-etween.  However I seem to contact more owners that aren't behind on their taxes than owners that are.  I am a licensed realtor so maybe this is a good strategy anyway?  I'm really going after the wholesale deals.  

Would it be better for me to just look for run down homes and only contact tax delinquent properties and skip the others? Just trying to work efficiently.

I would suggest sticking to houses with some sort of perceived motivation, tax default or physical distress on the property. You will really waste a lot of time if you knock on doors just because they are in between your other targeted houses.

Good luck