Wholesale Inc. Training Course (5k) - Is is worth it?

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I want to get started with wholesaling properties in PA.  Should I take Wholesale Inc. 5k / 90 day class?  Does anyone have same contracts used by wholesalers?  I would assume I need two contracts 1) for the original selling 2) the contract to reassign the contract.  What's the best way to build buyers list while staying honest?  Looking for some help...5k on training would be a good start on other items needed to kick this off but if the training is worth it i'm all for it.

@Eric Frisch my business partner used the Wholesaling Inc training and found it very helpful for him. The guys there are fantastic so nothing bad to say. If money is the issue, maybe you could ask them to work something out with you. If you choose not to go with them, there are plenty of guides and other resources here on Bigger Pockets to help you out. 

NOooooooooooooooooooooo don't spend 5k on that!! Everything you need to learn is available to you for free. Do lots of reading here on BP and watch youtube videos. Use that 5k on a targeted advertising campaign instead. 

@Eric Frisch

it’s totally up to you to spend the $5k or not, but I do advise you this, whatever you choose to do, FOLLOW INSTRUCTION. What do I mean? Do what you learn. Focus. Take action. Don’t quit if it doesn’t work fast, keep at it.

We joined Wholesaling Inc back in November. Why?  Well, back in March or April of last year we heard the Biggerpockets Podcast #176 where they interviewed  Tom Krol.  Just with implementing one of the FREE strategies he gave on that podcast we closed four deals in 5 months.  So we decided to join them because they obviously know their stuff if we only implemented 5% of what we learned and made quite a bit of money from it.  And, when we called them we felt we fit right in. Since we joined in November we have closed two more.

Here’s your gold nugget...listen to the podcast mentioned above if you haven’t already, and if you take action you can make it work with the resources you have for free.

Now, if you want to join a family, then consider joining Wholesaling Inc. We just came back from their summit last week and met some AMAZING people there that guided us and shared their knowledge, one of them the man who answered you above, @Marvin McTaw .  Unfortunately I met him at the very end when we were about to leave, but fortunately he gave me some much needed advice that has made a difference in my life already.  Thank you Marvin! :)

Hope this helps you decide.  Feel free to reach out and ask any questions you have, I'll be more than happy to answer!

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