Cold calling seller targeted list!

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Hey guys the other day I purchased my first list, although it looks to be a great list it does not include phone numbers. I’m trying to build a good targeted list of phone numbers to cold call. If anyone knows a good list service please let me know! Or any good skip tracing website that would be helpful Thanks!

Cold calls can be difficult.  I personally would not likely sell to anyone cold calling simply because it is a cold call.  Also, with cell phones it is much harder to find phone numbers, because they generally aren't tied to a specific address.

Try the website you can search by name and narrow it down by entering city and state, you can click each selection and you will see addresses tied to that specific person which may match the one you have. It’s worked for me and has been accurate on a lot of numbers I’ve found. 

Honestly, if you’re just starting out and have limited marketing budget cold calling is your best ally. Think about the cost per lead and cost per deal. There are two types of marketing, one is passive... sending out direct mail, PPC, CL Ads... then there is active marketing... going right to the seller and buyers! It’s not as scary as the majority make it seem. Most people aren’t jerks. It’s not like you’re trying to sell them on life insurance. Think about where your business will be if you have only 10 conversation with homeowners on your list per day! You can only win.

@Cristian Samayoa . I just realized I did not answer your question. I haven't used them but I heard is good

You can also search on Upwork or Fiverr for skip tracers. You should be paying around .20-.30 per lead. I would make sure that you have it formatted the way they want or else you'll be throwing away money. Make sure they have either TLO or Lexis Nexis. 

.20 to .30 per hit using Lexis Nexis or TLO is not possible.  This will not even cover the cost of the search let alone pay the person doing the search.  (Unless they are illegally using their employers acct on the side). If someone is advertising these prices and saying they use LN or TLO be skeptical.

You can absolutely find someone who charges $.20-$.40 per address to skiptrace with Lexis Nexis or TLO. I have a full time staff of 2 to skip trace thousands of addresses everyday. They use their own accounts. 

Cold calling, like any other marketing, requires grit, consistency, and money. My team calls over 50K numbers every month. 

Especially when starting out, make sure you're only calling very niche lists (D4D, probates, tax delinquents, code violations). Everything else is not as lucrative and a waste of time unless you have a team of callers.

Google "phone number append service" and there are quite a few out there. Some have cell phones, others just land lines.

The Federal Do-not-call law says that you can only make calls to people you have a relationship with - so be aware that you are only supposed to append a "customer list".