What’s the best way to stay organized?

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Hey BP fam! So I’m currently storing all of my properties into a Dropbox folder, and I’m using the old fashion pen and paper to keep up with my buyers. What apps would you other investors recommend to stay more organized?

@Rozelle Wilson - i'll jump on the bandwagon and say Podio. Its quite popular throughout the real estate world for a few reasons:

1. Inexpensive

2. Relatively easy to learn

3. It integrates with many other tools through Zapier, Globiflow, etc. 

The main point is it is a great place to start because its a relatively low barrier to entry, yet you have huge upside in dynamic capabilities through webhooks and automation. 

I have built many businesses on Podio, many of which were fully automated, outside of any face-to-face interaction.

Hope this helps!

Thanks guys for the responses! They’re all extremely helpful!

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