Where to find sellers and buyers? Please help

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I have so many questions about how to actually find sellers and buyers. I know Craigslist is a good source to begin for a newbie like self, to find a seller. I know marketing online, direct mail are great ways to target sellers, But how do I find buyers? Is there a source where I can go to find buyers? Where do I begin my search? Please help!

Well first hi Mesha, actually you laid out more than enough ways to find both buyers and sellers. And now all you need to do is just begin with what you already know about wholesaling, or whatever nitch you decide to invest yourself into.  Here at bigger pockets, you can check out the seemingly endless wealth of knowledge and resources. Infact, with this huge collection of entrepreneurial spirit and years upon years of experience,  my God, it's all here. ie.. looking for sellers - they're already here. Looking for buyers - they're already here. Looking for a lawyer, a realtor, closing attorney, someone to partner up with so that you can earn while you learn, it's already here.  It seems that what you're trying to get, you've already got. But you don't show it yet, simply because you don't know it yet.  So just know that and keep on pushing and your answers will, and are, being revealed.

Wish you all the best, and remember: you might not have succeeded yet, but as long as you don't quit,... You haven't lost either.

Happy trails

@Mesha Graham there are lots of ways to find buyers. One quick idea is to go to the monthly county foreclosure auctions and talk to the buyers there. Let them know what you're doing and have your value proposition in hand. Be quick, don't waste their time, get their contact information and move on.

Bigger Pockets is also a great source if you want to find buyers for your wholesale deals. You can also try many of the Facebook or LinkedIn groups for deals as well. You could also network with other real estate wholesalers and/or real estate agents if you need help moving your inventory. 

The great part about talking to buyers first is you can get a feel for what they are looking for and what they are paying for deals. That can help to target your marketing efforts for sellers and give you better guidelines around what you should be purchasing properties for (i.e. your buyer's price less your margin = your maximum purchasing price with seller)

I appreciate you guys’ feedback!! 

Of course stepping into something new, you’re so unsure about many things. But I’ll def have to step outside of my comfort zone and put myself out there. Thanks for the sound advice 

There are NO sources to find buyers, you need to get out of the house and network and hustle! I guarantee you there are local REI meetups in your area that you can attend to, go to sheriff sales and tax auctions and network with local RE agents and investors. BUT the absolute best way to find buyers is to actually have real deals. When you have deals, the buyers will come. There are no secrets to marketing and networking, its all about taking actionable steps.

@Mesha Graham , i have to agree 100% with @David Bokman . getting out there and networking is the best way to find all the resources that you need. Talk to people about what you are doing and the doors will start to open up. Attending a local REIA meeting or meet up is great because not only will you be able to find buyers but you will most likely learn a thing or two as well. Good luck on your journey. Cheers to much success in REI

@Mesha Graham

Buyers are way easier to find than a good deal in competitive markets. You can get access to the neighborhood's cash sales to find the big players and contact them in your area. Finding the deals takes more work :) Or just go to your local REIA and network. Easy peasy.

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