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Hi BP Fam, 

Does anyone know where I can find the most accurate comps for a zipcode in philly? Being an agent in my past life I know the MLS feeds information to almost immeditely. So i assume this sight has the best info. Am i right?

I have my real estate license in NY so I dont have access to the PA MLS.

Where can I find the best comps or does anyone have access to phillys MLS?

Call a local PA realtor and have them run it for you.  Explain to them you are an investor and you are looking to start a relationship with a local agent.  You may even develop a relationship where you can do some business in the future.

@April Molina What is the address or block? A zip code is Philly could vary widely as far as comps are concerned. PM me the details, I can get you some comps.

@April Molina , the sale price is public and available on most sites within roughly a month of the sale.

Forgot to mention, the public will only show gross sale price, but not the adjustments or net.

Only the MLS will have any adjustments the seller had to pay the buyer (repair credit, sellers assist, etc). A local agent can provide that info.

@April Molina - if you need some assistance, let me know. Real Estate Agent here in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs...would be able to send you over comps and property info.

Don't worry, won't scam you...I'm all for providing free valuable info...send me a message and let me know how I can help. 

Best of Luck!

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