Any insight on SF rentals in Tacoma?

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Hi! Is there is anyone here with experience in SF rentals in Tacoma, WA? I'd would like to ask your opinion on the different areas of the city, which ones you like to avoid and which ones you like better?
Originally posted by @Isaac Hobbs :

Which areas are you interested in? It's extremely spotty and local but that makes for great opportunities! 

 I like the areas closer to UW, but South Tacoma is more affordable. I have no idea what kind of atmosphere has South Tacoma these days. Where you like best? Safety wise, are there dangerous areas to avoid? Tacoma used to be shady, but seems to have changed a lot. 

Depends on what you're looking for. I know some people that think it's still pretty scary and others that think it's great. I tend to avoid the areas by the mall, casino and down S. Tacoma way. Otherwise it just really depends on the actual neighborhood and neighbors. Hilltop has a lot going for the future and can still be rough but a ton of potential in my opinion. 

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