separating buyers and sellers

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hello everybody, my name is Brent Moonsammy from the DFW area. I’m just starting to build funds for my first buy and I hear wholesaling is a great way to start. 

I understand when a property goes under contract I gain equitable rights. My biggest concern is buyers wanting to view the property with the seller present. What are some strategies used to keep the buyer and seller from meeting. At the same time, I want the seller to see what they are purchasing, I want to be completely and 100% transparent without shooting myself in the foot.

@Brent Moonsammy we don't try and hide the fact that we are looking to wholesale the property. We tell them throughout our process we are likely going to sell it to another investor and make money doing it. There have been some unscrupulous potential buyers who have tried to go behind our back but usually, we've built such a strong relationship with the Sellers and they know and trust us to the point where they actually come and tell us what's going on. Be transparent with what you're doing and it shouldn't really be a problem.

The other suggestion is to screen and train your buyers. You can have only one showing, set the expectation for your seller not to be at the walk-through with the other potential buyers and they completely avoid that interaction. Hope it helps!

Thank you so much Marvin. You have definitely help put my worries at ease. 

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