The Essential Guide on How To Build and Promote Your Buyer's List

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Very frequently asked questions about Buyer's Lists are presented here, along with links to various threads that provide the info being sought. Enjoy!

Info to get from Buyer's for your list:

Building Wholesale/Investor buyer's list:

Building Retail buyer's list:

"Promote your buyer's list":

Wow, Steve, what a fantastic thread!

Compiling all of this must have taken a considerable amount of time. It's very much appreciated!

Too bad I can only give you 1 vote.

Thanks Steve for bring these all to one place. You have a real knack for finding the information buried here. I for one appreciate the many times that you provide additional links on a topic being discussed. A real benefit for all.

Josh, can this be made a sticky? And Steve and others can regularly update it with new links to threads, articles, etc?

I think this is a great way to make the site better. Steve, do you have the time to do this for other frequently asked questions?

To all of you who have expressed your thanks - you're all welcome. And your votes are definitely appreciated.

Fortunately I was able to assemble that first post before the new forum design went into place; the techniques I use to build these types of posts are hampered a bit by one of the changes made with the new forum design.

Thanks, to Mr Bablak, for his thread!!
Very impressive. It opens minds for the seekers of buyers-again ,thamks
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