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My plan is to buy a property cash approximately $40k-60k range requiring about $25k-30k worth of rehab with an ARV of approximately $115k once work is complete. Monthly rent in the area I am searching is $1050-1200. That being said after that is complete and I have a tennant, at what point do I get a reappraisal to set up for refinancing, before or after landing a tennant? I understand that most banks willl only give 70% ARV, being that I'm buying the first property cash would this be considered a home equity loan?

@Michael Weis

A HELOC is a separate product. It's a home equity line of credit.

If you do a cash-out refinance that will become a mortgage.

You should speak with some lenders about the refi before purchasing the property. Some will have seasoning on the property before basing the refi on ARV vs. the purchase price.

@Michael Weis - some lenders will actually get you as much as 80% depending on the loan program and whether it is recourse (i.e. you personally co-sign for the loan to your legal entity) or non-recourse. 

Most traditional lenders have six-month seasoning (i.e. ownership) requirements for you to get refinanced and get your money back out. That being said, I'd encourage you to shoot for a higher ARV so you can get more than what you put in to the property back out via the refinancing.

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