Tax Delinquent List in Cobb County Georgia

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Does any one know how to obtain a list of delinquent property taxes for Cobb County GA?  I went to the assessors office, called and emailed and I am not getting anywhere.  I received an email with "unpaid" taxes from the county along with a lengthy explanation that the attachment is not delinquent (after I asked specifically) taxes owners.  Meaning the may only be two days past the due date which is not helpful.    Moreover, I am given another name and number to contact (a manager) which I followed up with only to receive the same list.  

I must be asking the wrong question or not phrasing it the correct way.  Any help would be great! 

I guess you've already found this page?

Although there is a link to a page that says they will list the properties, they never have online.  It downloads a blank spreadsheet.  I think you will find them in the Marietta Daily Journal though.  They are published every Friday I believe.

You might try here as well. And search "cobb".

Good luck,

Johnny D.

@John D. thanks buddy!! I did find the first link and yes it was blank...  I have never seen the second link but I am becoming more familiar with it.   

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