19 Yr Old College Student looking to get started in wholesaling

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Hi everyone! My name is Jack Cole and I'm a studying business at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. I am originally from San Diego and my family is long involved in real estate. My dad and mom are a successful full time real estate duo thats done pretty much all of it from flipping residential to buying notes to converting hotels in apartments. I am a student so I decided wholesaling would be the best option for me and I also see myself being able to scale it better. I'm not afraid of hustling and knocking on doors and I'm getting better at cold calling everytime I do it. I'm starting to build relationships with a local agent and am going to the next REIA meeting in Pismo at the end of this month. I'd be super open to helping any flippers out in finding a deal or even do some odd chores on one of their properties in exchange for hands on experience. If you're an investor or flipper in the San Luis Obispo area feel free to contact me! Also any tips from seasoned wholesalers or anyone that has advice for someone starting out who is younger than most other people in this industry I would greatly appreciate it :)

@Jack Cole good to see another person from the central coast on here! I'm actually part of the construction team building the dorms on campus at Cal Poly.  Are you going to the meet up at the Spyglass Inn tomorrow night?  Definitely would like to get in touch one way or another I have a construction background and want to start flipping right away but with my schedule having a hard time finding the deals.  Feel free to PM me and we can setup a time to meet up or maybe I'll run into you tomorrow night

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