Someone called from a direct mail post card.. Help

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I am looking to get my first deal in wholesaling so I sent out 1,000 postcards to kick off my direct mail marketing campaign. The first call I got was from a woman telling me to take her off my mailing list. The second call was a woman who said "I want $390,000" for her property as soon as I answered the phone. I have zero experience in this and wanted some advice on where to go from here. I made sure to set an appointment to view the property in Atlanta this weekend and I would like to be prepared!


Do as much research as you can with her before you go and meet her. 

Know the area and know how much work the property will need and know the value of her home and what you can sell it for. 

Try to have as little amount of phone calls as possible with her and try to do everything with just one meeting. Come ready with an offer. 

When you got your list, did you specify a home market value? if so, you can at least look at the list to see the ball park where it should be. What type of list did you send to? Absentee, Seniors, something else?

It is important to put the limiting selectors into your list so you are only mailing to people who own property you might want to buy.

Whether or not this first deal works out, you will at least learn a lot. Be sure to write notes in your car when you leave and everything is fresh. What do you wish you had asked, what did you do well, what info should you have in advance next time.

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