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Hello, my name is pawel , I’m from northwest suburbs of Chicago. I’m new  to RE and have some interest in wholesaling possibly. I was wondering if there’s is anyone is the nw suburbs or suburbs in general wholesaling and if anyone Is open to offer some advice or their experience. Thanks for your time . Excited to hear back from you. Thank you, keep hustling!

Crystal lake, il 

@Pawel Zurek    We do invest and wholesaling here in Miami, first get educated,  find other wholesalers on the REIAS near you,    get familiar with the contracts you need to use,  find a title company investor-oriented

@Pawel Zurek  

How are you?!

We are currently buying properties from Schaumburg to Lansing, IL. We do wholesale, but we rarely assign properties. Meaning, every opportunity that we uncover, we will always close with our own cash, and then re-sell to another investor in the event we're not keeping it for ourselves.

I'm always open to offering advice if you need any. I'm pretty sure BP has a few resources on the website that will get you started. But if I had to sum it up for you in just a few words, here it is: get out there and market yourself. Network, network, network. This game is difficult when you're starting off. But after you've built your network properly, it is actually very easy.

Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions. 

Good luck!

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