Wholesaler Marketing one of My Properties Without Permission?

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Hello everyone,

  I am in the process of liquidating my whole portfolio- and one of my properties in South Florida is marketed by 3 different wholesalers. I truly do not care who sells the property as long as it gets sold but now I am a little annoyed that 3 different wholesalers are marketing this.

Again- I own the property- it is on the MLS, no contract in place and I know the wholesaling game better then the most.

Shall I have my attorney contact them?

Wait until they come to you with an offer and then go around them. I mean they are paying for the advertising they are doing and they never got a contract with you or an exclusive right to represent. Wait until they show up with contract in hand, otherwise take the free publicity of the property.

Just my 2 cents and not legal advice.

Tell me something that would surprise me. These bottom of the barrel bottom feeders are a dime a dozen. They are violating FL brokerage laws. You could turn them in (I would) and then they would get informed about the legality of their actions with a cease and desist. They are FRAUDS AND SCAMMERS. I researched one guy and he has a criminal record a mile long. This is why many are not licensed--they could not pass a background check. 

If you want to file a complaint here is a link to the form:

BTW...you might want to see if they are already on the radar here:

BTW--I like @Mike Cumbie idea. Let them bring a contract and then kick their butts to the curb. Read 475,43. You can easily do that.

Hi @Nick Britton

I can understand the annoyance because the actions of the wholesalers of marketing your property without even speaking with you first is unethical and unprofessional.

You want to be respected and set standards so others understand their boundaries if they want to do business with you. Business the right way.

You could reach out to the wholesalers share with them you appreciate them marketing your property because the main goal is to sell the property but the way they are going about it is unprofessional and violating Florida laws. Let them know this is not how you would like to conduct business. 

You can even share with them moving forward if they would like to market any properties under your portfolio you would like to be contacted first just to make sure there is an understanding and agreement on both sides.

Then you can close with I contacted you directly because I wanted to be fair and upfront with you but if this continues you will give me no choice but to have to contact the proper people to cease this action. I am still open to offers but let's just do it the right way. 

Your approach was professional, direct, fair but you set the standards so people will not feel they can do business any kind of way when it comes to you and your properties. Sometimes this approach can gain the respect from others with how you addressed the situation because they know you could have just filed the complaint with no warning. 

Handling situations with grace, professionalism, and integrity even though the other party may not will still rest well with you because you know you went about it the right way. 

Good Luck! 

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I would call them up and ask to see the property... 

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