Accessing Divorcee and Pre-Foreclosure Leads Early

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I've been spending some time on pre-foreclosure and divorcee lists. Through my initial research I've found that going to the public notices section of each counties online newspaper is so far the best way to see which properties are going into pre foreclosure and all divorce filings in that county. However, I'm interested to hear from others if this is a worthwhile exercise, or if their is another avenue to look into where I can see these pre-foreclosure and divorce leads even before they come to the newspapers public section. In Georgia, what is the best way to access these leads, besides going to the court house and manually searching. Are there any great websites out there that are updated every single day and can be relied upon for accuracy, or any list brokers that you may know of which specialize in the surrounding metro Atlanta counties. I'm ideally wanting to see these leads the day the NOD's and divorce filings are filed so that I can have enough time to work out a solution for these owners. I'd appreciate any advice and help on this subject. Thanks.

@Jarred Wellem Approaching divorce attorney may help to reach  the lead . 

Yeah, send marketing letters to divorce lawyers and bankruptcy lawyers.  Get to their clients before the officially file.  Offer to be a consultant for them and help their clients through one of the rougher parts of their legal situation.  That way you are seen as helping the situation from the inside of the legal team, rather as the vulture they think you are.

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