Wholesale Prospecting with Email and/or Facebook Ads

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Hi everyone!

I'm not a wholesaler, but I'd like to talk to anyone who is that uses email as part of their prospecting process.  I'm building out use case models for a marketing software that I run that connects to Facebook and email lists.  We've had a lot of success with Real Estate agents and their email marketing list, and I'm curious if it could be helpful to wholesalers.

Is it possible to get email addresses alongside other contact information when you acquire a list?

Have you had success in using email marketing or Facebook ads as part of your process?

This is not a pitch in any way.  I'm just gathering information.  Thanks in advance!

In my opinion- wholesalers do 95% of their work via email- so to answer your question yes.

Facebook ads work great as well!

I am interested in hearing about this as well. I have over 100 wholesaler clients who use our tool to append phones to real estate data containing owners' names and addresses, we have a tool that does this for email too and as far as I know ZERO wholesalers use it. 

I am really curious about this because in the USA it is perfectly legal to obtain someone's email and contact them so long as you abide by CAN-SPAM, which is very easily complied with. Compare this to TCPA and it is a much less strict law when reaching out to strangers. 


I am a wholesaler in CT looking into running some fb ads! Currently I am using direct mail as my #1 source of marketing. I think in todays world it's time to move into digital marketing. Everyone is online! I would love to hear from anyone that is doing it. Thanks! 

If you have a FB page for your business, FB ads would be an easy route to go. I really think they're the future of the "direct mail" campaigns. Less time consuming, more targeted, better ROI.

Like you mentioned, realtors are already starting to use FB, since zillow marketing has become so expensive, and many markets are super competitive right now. I think REI are the next to join the FB train, so I think you're on the right track and ahead of the curve to consider them.

The key running a successful FB campaign is picking the right targeting and type of ad, and capturing people's information so that you contact them, instead of waiting for them to contact you. You can even set up automated processes text/e-mail you a lead when it comes in and add their info to a spreadsheet for you to track. Lead generation campaigns and conversion campaigns (which would take you through a funnel of sorts) are the ways to go, in general. Stay away from "boosting" posts and the like. 

Once you capture the e-mail/phone, you can start sending them automated follow up e-mails and set up a call system for leads also. You can really have fun and geek out with the analytics on FB to optimize your ads to get the most bang for your buck. 

Thanks for the input everyone!  As I mentioned, I'm building out usage models.  If anyone is running facebook ads or email marketing for wholesaling, let me know!  I'd love to run a beta with you!  You can find links to my platform in my bio.

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